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The CUBIC population consists of 1404 progenies descended from 24 Chinese elite inbred lines. Generally, CUBIC descends from the traditional MAGIC design with the integration of the diallel cross to incorporate information from phenotypic selection. Since the conventional MAGIC design requires 2^N founder lines with at least N generations for initial inter-cross of all founders, the integration of the diallel cross allows escape from arbitrary founder number and saves time during subsequent population development.

Population design details of CUBIC

The 24 founders were selected from four unrelated groups and have been widely used in Chinese breeding over the past century,which included 4 founders from LvDaHongGu germplasm (旅大红骨种质): LV28 (旅28), E28, DAN340 (丹340), and F349; 4 founders from ZI330 germplasm (自330亚群种质): ZI330 (自330), ZONG3 (综3), ZONG31 (综31), and HUANGC (黄C); 15 founders from SiPingTou germplasm (四平头种质): HZS (黄 早四), HYS (黄野四), TY4 (天涯4), YUANGFH (原辐 黄), CHANG7-2 (昌7-2), K12, XI502 (西502), LX9801, H21, SHUANG741 (双741), Q1261, JI853 (吉853), JI53 (冀53), 5237, and 81515; and 1 founder from Yugoslavia-improved germplasm (南斯拉夫群体选系): NX110 (农系110).


•The twenty-four founders were crossed under CDC design.

•Thirty F1s with best agronomic performance were selected to further cross in CDC, and the other 140 F1s were randomly selected to cross with open pollinated in isolated region.

•The seeds from above F1s were mixed together with the amount of 2:1 with an expectation to improve the population performance.

•All harvest individuals were next planted under open pollination within isolated region for totally 6 generations. Following, the population was self-pollinated for another 6 generations and 1404 inbred lines have been finally successfully processed and sequenced in next analysis.


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